I Needed a Coach (Wioletta Rosolowska)

Wioletta Rosolowska

Wioletta Rosolowska started her professional career with Saatchi & Saatchi, an integrated communication agency based in London. She joined Tchibo Poland in 1993 as Marketing Director (she was later promoted to a Sales Director and General Manager positions). In 2007 she was appointed Member of the Board of Tchibo GmbH, taking on the responsibility for growing the business in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2012 she has also been sitting on the Supervisory Board of Bank Pekao SA. At the start of 2014, Wioletta took on a new challenge as a CEO & President of Executive Committee of L’Oreal Poland.

Back in 2007 Wioletta Rosolowska took a brilliant decision to sell a large part of Tchibo Poland to a local competitor, something that has never been considered or done before. The overwhelming success of her move landed her a new position of a General Manager based at the company headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. This is what Ms Rosolowska had to say about her transition:

”I must honestly admit that despite the overall excitement, it was not easy. I was the very first woman who was joining a group of tight and very well cooperating with each other male-only senior management team. What is more, I was the only non-native German who was going to sit on the board. A pretty daunting scenario and a real challenge. Before relocating to Germany, I did my research and found an executive coach who was able to help me with my transition. Over the coming months, I learnt how to find my feet on the new (and slightly shaking) ground, forge new relationships, build my reputation and deliver great results for the corporation. My coach had also helped me with finding the right balance between my work and personal life, especially with the long hours in the office and business travels that came with the new territory. I also evaluated my dietary and sleeping patterns, something that I was neglecting in the past. Overall, my relationship with my coach had helped me to tap into my natural talents and maximise my potentials.”