Keeping Your Brain Healthy.


Healthy diet is super important for keeping our bodies healthy and energised at all times, especially relevant over the coming wintery cold months. But what about our brains? Here are few tricks you can adopt to stay on top of your brain powers.

Nourishment – a healthy brain requires a well nourished healthy body. Following the Mediterranean based diet is one of the best options you could choose, so make sure you eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish, olive oil and nuts every day.

Be Active – regularly challenging your mind and staying mentally active will help not only with increasing your cognitive capacity, but also with decreasing your chances of developing dementia. Better still, try to fill your every day with a mixture of mental and physical challenges, as one of the best exercises for your brain is the physical activity.

Stay Connected – invest in relationships with your family, friends and colleagues at work, as socialising will help you to reduce the harmful effects of stress, loneliness and depression. It will also improve your cognitive functions, such as thinking, feeling, sensing, reasoning and intuition. We are social animals, even those of us preferring introversion.

Have Purpose -reconnect with your passion, take on a hobby, slow down and be more mindful. Whatever it is, take a time to find your purpose – it will lead you to have a longer, healthier and happier life.

Meditate – find a moment of calm every day, your stress free zone sanctuary and simply pay attention to your body, and mind. Do something pleasurable, go for a walk or take a nap. Whatever helps you to be more present, try to find it and turn it into a daily routine.

Sleep – a good night’s sleep every night is a priority, not a luxury. Sleep is essential for consolidating memories and for draining waste products from the brain, a bedrock of good health. Sleep is often overlooked and its deprivation (even a few hours a night) impacts cognition (thinking), mood, memory, learning capabilities and leads to chronic disease.

Keep well.