Il Dolce Far Niente

Italian-family … it is sweet to do nothing.

August has arrived, a time when most of us taking a well deserved break from our daily work routines and the never ending hustle & bustle. Holidays are a perfect opportunity to switch the emails off, forget about various deadlines/to do lists/…, and simply indulge in the company of close friends and families.

However, the number of people struggling with finding their ‘pause’ buttons is continuously growing, which is ironically very unhelpful. Overworking is counterproductive – fact! Why do you think many companies increase their holiday allowances and refuse buying the unused once back? It’s simple, they realise that the potential of a brain power grows appropriately to a rest time received. High employee engagement, alertness, contribution, innovative thinking, well-being, …, are all direct outcomes of a well balanced working arrangements. It’s all about finding it and regularly switching off – one week every three months is the bare minimum.

So let’s follow the Italian commandments to rest this summer. They go something like this:

1. Love your bed as you love yourself.
2. If you feel like working… Sit down and wait, it will pass.
3. Nobody has ever died from too much rest.
4. We are born tired and we live to rest.
5. Whoever invented hard work… Died a long time ago.
6. Rest during the day so that you can sleep at night.
7. If you see somebody resting, let them be.
8. Don’t do today, what you can do tomorrow.