I Love My Job, But…


…  I love me more!

That’s why I try to leave work on time every night and I encourage you to do same. Managing my time at work effectively helps me with being generally more efficient, as well as maintaining a healthy social and family life.

Here are few things to bear in mind:

  • Work is a never-ending process, it can never be completed
  • Looking after your clients is important, looking after your family is paramount
  • If something goes terribly wrong in your life, only your family & close friends will be able to truly help you with working through an issue
  • Life is NOT only about your clients, but if you want to do it well, you need to socialize, entertain, exercise and relax – keep your life full of purpose
  • Working late shows you are a hard-working, highly-efficient, effective and competent individual. Or is over-working actually counterproductive?
  • Studying and self-development leads to a balanced life, keep learning
  • Sleep is mega important, at least seven hours per night is a bare minimum

Keep well.